Monday, October 25, 2010

Tell the Story 4 Template freebie and a bit on sharing.....

Just completed converting Tell the Story 4 for Storybook.  Included in the Storybook version are some elements (embellishments) created by me, just so you know they're legal for me to share!

Speaking of sharing,  while my templates are free, please do not send them on to others. Instead, direct them here to my blog to get them.  You may not re-distribute my creations, even though they are free.  Also, if people come here to download them I can see how much interest there is, the more interest there is, the more sharing there will be!

Download STORYBOOK version.

Download PHOTOSHOP version

A bit about shadows.  Try to make your shadows look realistic.  I see a lot of shadows, especially amongst Storybook users, that are way too heavy and make the items look like they are floating above the page.  

Think about whether or not the item casts a shadow, and how much of a shadow.  Test it out in real life.  For example, text on a page does not cast a shadow at all! Stickers would cast a light shadow, and chipboard a heavier one. Questions?  Feel free to comment below.  


Jody said...

Thank you for #4 in this series. I really enjoy your tips and your templates.

Kim said...

Thank you very much! I look forward to your templates!

Jan said...

Thank you! Appreciate your sharing! Jan :-) <><