Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tabbed Template #12 - last in the series

It's been quite a week here in B.C.  First of all, our beloved Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins in game 7.  But far worse than that was the riot that happened. Just want you to know that 99.9% of Canadians are not like that.  It was shocking and apalling and has really damaged our reputation, but I hope most people will see it for what it was - the criminal element taking advantage of a huge crowd.  So sad!

We made it! This is the last in the Tabbed series of templates. 
My brain is cooking up a new series which I'll hopefully get time to work on soon. Stay tuned!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tabbed #11

Here is Tabbed #11 - Opposite page would be Tabbed #5.

Thanks so much for all the comments - it's encouraging (and motivating!) to know that people do appreciate these templates.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tabbed 10

Thanks for all your comments.  I really do appreciate them.  It's just nice to know there are people out there who not only download the templates, but will take a moment to give me feedback. 

And just a reminder that you can use the buttons below to post to your Facebook, etc. if you are a member of a scrapbooking group....
So here is the next template in the series - #10 - this is the left side of the two-page spread, template #4 would be the right side.

Here is the link for PHOTOSHOP
and here is the link for STORYBOOK