Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mask series - Template #3

We had a great time scrapbooking at the cabin.  We even managed to get a couple of hours in the sunshine on Friday and a beautiful sunset on Saturday.  Can't wait to go again!

Here's what I did with the 1st template in this series:
And here is the next one:

You can download it HERE.

Thanks for your comments. It's fun to hear that you are enjoying this series and using it too!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mask series - Template #2

Well, I am off this afternoon for a scrapbooking weekend to our cabin.  This has become an annual tradition (anything done more than twice counts as a tradition, right?!)  I actually can't remember how many years we've been doing this.  This year there will be four of us.

Unfortunately, the forecast doesn't look good, but then I guess we will get more scrapbooking done, and perhaps less whale-watching, seal pup observing, and oyster catcher photographing.....

Just another quick sample of what it looks like with photos inserted.  The spatter can be filled with paper, or color, or whatever you like, and of course, you'll likely want a background other than white.

Here's the DOWNLOAD.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New template series - Masked

Started a new series of templates.  There are lots of fun things you can do with the large photo masks on each of these templates.  Try the various blend modes to blend your photo in with the background.  Cross process can be fun too.  Use a textured paper as your background paper.
Here's just a quick look at the first one with photos added. Note: All I did was add photos, no background papers or proper journalling........

 And the template itself:

I am planning to do more Storybook templates in the future, but this series will be just for Photoshop. I just got a trial version of CS5 and want to PLAY!!  I just finished teaching a two-session class on photo-fixing, and both students had CS5.  Must keep up!

You can download it HERE.